Welcome to our school

We are a grammar school with approximately 1000 pupils aged 10-20. Many of our students have an immigration background with roots in about 50 different countries. As our school motto says: “Verschieden sind wir stark“ - diversity makes us stronger and more tolerant.

Our school is located in the southeast of Munich, part of scenic Bavaria. Although we are only 10 minutes away from central Munich, we are surrounded by green spaces and on clear days you can even see the Alps from here.

We focus on two educational branches:

Languages (with English from year 5, Latin from year 6 and Italian from year 8), science and technology (also with English from year 5 and Latin or French from year 6)

What we offer:

Intensifying courses in German in years 5-7 in small groups, science courses for excelling and especially interested pupils, obligatory training in social integration and drug and violence prevention programmes, mediation (pupils are trained to solve other pupil’s conflicts), first aid courses and pupils paramedics, tutor system for new pupils (to help them settle in at our school), introductory “Get-to-know-week“ for our newcomers in year 5 (one-week trip to the countryside), winter-week for year 7 students with skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, trip to Berlin for year 11 students, exchange programme with Italy and France, obligatory job information and application training Job placement for pupils in year 9, social job placement for pupils in year 10, study and job information days for pupils in year 11 and 12, parent information evenings on various topics (depending on demand)

Munich’s Special Way

As the city of Munich has its own municipal schools, there are some differences in contrast to state-run schools. Thus Munich’s grammar schools offer two parallel ways of education: in normal (from 8.00 to 13.10 o’clock) and day classes for year 5 and 6 pupils (from 8.00 to 16.00 o’clock).

Normal classes only have exceptional lessons in the afternoon and pupils can choose from an extensive offer of extracurricular activieties after the lunch break. Our day classes have a common lunch break, lessons in the afternoon and extra study time for doing their homework.

In contrast to state-run schools we offer:

An extra intensifying lesson in year 6 (small group tuition in English, German and Maths), tuition in study skills and learning techniques in year 5 and 7, a reliable system of supply teachers, our own school psychologist (counselling in class or single sessions for all kinds of students’ problems), extracurricular Activities, Sports (running, swimming, basketball, volleyball, inline skating, golf, dancing, tennis), music (different choirs according to age group, various school bands, school orchestra), additional languages (italian, spanish, turkish, others, drama group, science club, chess club).

We would be very interested to establish links with other secondary schools across Europe, especially from the UK, for long-term partnerships and exchange programmes