Aktuelles Erasmus+ Projekt 2017/19: "be interesTED"

Das neue Projekt 2017/19


Aktueller Projekttitel: be interesTED

Projektart: Multilaterale Partnerschaft

Laufzeit: 2017 – 2019

Inhalt & Produkte

Communication skills are essential for the successful future career of a student. Ten projects, the partners had been working on, were analyzed. One of the main problems was: „Difficulties in communication due to the lack of language skills. Nearly all students had low communicative skills with high level of anxiety before their oral presentation.“ 


This observation has initialized the project idea to work on those skills. „Be interesTED“ will: 

- improve oral presentation skills of the students and prepare them for the real world,

- help students to collect, inquire, organize and construct information and enhance teamwork,

- analyze the most popular TED talks and create TED like talks,

- prepare students to deliver a good speech,

- help students to become active and autonomous learners,

- increase entrepreneurship and communicative skills among the students.

- create a common sense of European Citizenship based on understanding and tolerance towards the difference between cultures, people and religions,


„Be interesTED“ is for 14-17 year old students, irrespective of sex, origin, social level or abilities. During the project three countries, Latvia, Italy and Germany, will be visited with students for International Courses.




Türkei  (Samsun)

Türkei  (Manavgat)

Lettland  (Jelgava)

Portugal (Miranda do Corvo)

Italien (Milano)

Tschechische Republik (Trebic)





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