Aktuelles Erasmus+ Projekt 2016/18

Das neue Projekt 2016/18


Aktueller Projekttitel: Let your dreams free!

Projektart: Multilaterale Partnerschaft

Laufzeit: 2016 – 2018

Inhalt & Produkte

Our aim is  to introduce aviation to the children, teach them the history of aviation in Europe  and design original aircrafts of the future by using their creativity. They will be aware of the sport activities and follow sport competitions about aviation. The partner countries benefiting from the experiences of each other, will collaborate together. With the activities that will be held in the project, dreams of the students will be the future of the Europe. 

In our school, we have identified that students having divorced families and absenteeism problems show negative attitudes towards school. They have low academic success and they can't motivate themselves to focus on lessons. As a result of this, they become introvert in school life. Similar problems have been observed in the partner countries. With this project, the students will have hobbies and they'll be more motivated for school. They will be aware of each other's aviation technology. 


Italien (Foligno)

Polen (Bydgoszcz)

Slowakei (Zelovce)

Türkei  (Izmit)

Spanien (Iscar)